Samstag, 8. Januar 2011

New tutorial: PySide/QML on MeeGo

In addition to my old PySide tutorials, there is now a proper PDF guide for PySide development on MeeGo available. Except for packaging, all steps apply to Maemo as well, and this is the document that includes the first gPodder QML UI code example (the final gPodder QML UI will be totally different and "much cooler", though).

As part of the new year's cleanup, I also dug out the old MTF UI demo of gPodder and put its source online here - for third party applications, QML is now the preferred UI over MeeGo Touch, so this might not be of much use for you now, but maybe somebody can put it to good use.


Dinesh hat gesagt…

Thanks for the useful Info :)

Everest hat gesagt…

Its realy a nice tutorial especially like a newbie like me. I was exactly looking for this kind of material, to learn the basics to use QML in the UI and Pyside in the backend. It would be great to see more of a series of such similar basic tutorial with small examples like this one.

On a side note, may be its a stupid question(being a newbie myself) i tried test and run the gpodder example on my WIndows 7 laptop. I have downloaded gpodder but how do i include the gpodder library in the program. I tried to include the bin folder of the gpodder in the same folder where i run the gpodder application but still i get the error gpodder library not found. It really want to run the gpodder application, it would be nice if you could assist or guide me in some way.

Thanks again for your tutorial and please keep posting such basic tutorial on QML/Pyside, they are great!.

thp hat gesagt…

Everest: You have to copy the "src/gpodder" folder into the same folder as your other scripts. You then also have to copy "" (from and "mygpoclient" (from into the same folder. After that, it should find the gPodder library.

Everest hat gesagt…

Hi Thomas,
Thank you for your the information and your quick reply. I downloaded mygpoclient folder and but i am not able to find the folder "src/gpodder" in my windows gpodder download. i downloaded from sourceforge. I unzip the folder and i get the folliwng folders inside: config, bin, download, share, bin, data, etc. I amable to launch the standalone gpodder application in windows through gpodder.exe, but i cannot launch it through the program. It still says Import Error: No module named gpodder. Sorry for my stupid question if it sunds so. May be i just missing something small, i do not know.

Thanks in advance for your assistance!.

thp hat gesagt…

Everest: For this you need the source package of gPodder (the one ending in .tar.gz). If you are using the win32 package, you'll find it in lib/site-packages and in the win32 package, the module and mygpoclient are also in that folder. Copy all three items ("gpodder", "mygpoclient" and "") from lib/site-packages into the same folder as the QML examples, and it should work. It's not that well tested under Windows, if possible use Linux or Mac OS X.