Mittwoch, 28. März 2012

gPodder 3.1.0 in Apps For MeeGo Staging and Nokia Store

A new version of gPodder has been released, and the package is already available from Nokia Store here, and waiting for your QA feedback in Apps For MeeGo here. This works for both N950 and N9 users. To get access to Apps For MeeGo, go to on your device, and install the Client from there.

The new gPodder version comes with some improvements for Harmattan users:

  • Redesigned artwork for the main window and episode list
  • Better arrangement of podcast list and cover artwork there
  • New preferences menu, containing and orientation settings
  • New empty state UI for first-time users
  • Various other changes to be more in line with the UX Guidelines
  • Context menu item to delete episodes without downloading them

I hope you enjoy this new release - please report any issues you find or ideas you have at - and don't forget to QA the package in Apps For MeeGo.

Samstag, 24. März 2012

Brain Party for the N950 and N9

Nearly two years ago (in April 2010), I ported Brain Party to the N900 using javispedro's awesome SDL_gles library. Having nearly forgotten about it, I "ported" it to Harmattan today - It's even a bit easier with Harmattan's SDL, which includes the necessary changes. The game doesn't pause/silence when put into the background, but the basic functionalities work, including sound.

Download here: brainparty_0.5.91-3_armel.deb (39 MB)
Source here: brainparty_0.5.91-3.dsc / brainparty_0.5.91-3.tar.gz

The game itself has been written by Hudzilla Games, who also published the game for the iPhone and XBox 360 - if you like the game, you can support them by buying the game from there. This port is based on the open source version of the game.