Mittwoch, 29. Dezember 2010

qw 0.1 is now available for Maemo 5

My second new game this year - qw - has been released for Maemo 5 today. Version 0.1 (a tech demo, not a proper final release) gives you a sneak peek on the gameplay with 9 different levels and four-player support (if you hook up an external USB keyboard or get together really close for some N900 keyboard multiplayer action). The gameplay is simple: You need to control your player cursor (either via touchscreen gestures or keyboard) and enclose areas of the game with lines in order to fill them with a colored image. Beware of the enemies, as they will destroy your lines and split your points in half. If you enclose one or more small enemies, your points are multiplied.

A .deb for Maemo 5 is available from the qw homepage and packages for Symbian are also available. Try it out and send some feedback :) Enjoy!

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yacc hat gesagt…

Instead of an USB keyboard (or a Bluetooth one) you can consider x11vnc over USB connection to a fast LAN for multiplayer gaming :-P