Mittwoch, 22. Dezember 2010

That Rabbit Game 1.2 is now available for Maemo 5

I've blogged about it already, and even showed some code during an Interview at Nokia World, but there have not been any releases of That Rabbit Game so far, mostly due to Ovi Store QA not understanding what Optification means and requesting that the version number of the application appears somewhere in the app UI (after 15 days in QA). I've made the requested changes, added scoring and pushed new releases (of version 1.2) for both Symbian and Maemo 5 to Ovi QA.

Until the game gets published on Ovi, I decided to release packages on the website so you can download and enjoy the game right away - and maybe even provide some feedback. Please don't mirror/redistribute the packages, but link directly to the website. Download That Rabbit Game for Maemo 5!

Controls are via accelerometer (to tilt the rabbit head left/right) and via touchscreen (tap to flap your wings - the longer you tap, the harder the wings flap). The goal is to lose 10 coins in 90 seconds by getting shot 10 times. After that, the next goal is to lose the 10 coins in as little time as possible. Yes, you control the rabbit head, and not the crosshairs.

Updates and changes will be announced via @thatrabbitgame on Twitter, so follow it and tell your friends. Enjoy!

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fms hat gesagt…

So, are you going to publish on Ovi again, after this game?