Dienstag, 7. Dezember 2010

PySide/QML tutorials online, workshop next Sunday

To get myself accustomed to PySide UI development using Qt Quick (aka QML) and to check out what works already and what does not, I've experimented with creating some common elements that I'd use in an application (i.e. a QML version of gPodder - a blingy demo already exists) and decided to share my experiences and results as tutorials.

Here are all the tutorials in their current state:

Screenshots are available on Flickr:

I'd like to get some feedback on whether or not the tutorials worked for you and were helpful and what else you would like to see. You can try out all the examples on your N900 today! Just install python-pyside and python-qtmobility (for the last example) from Extras-Devel and copy the examples from the Wiki. The usual disclaimers for software in Extras-Devel apply.

In related news, there will be a PySide/QML workshop at the December meeting of the Python User Group Austria, so if you happen to be in or around Vienna on Sunday, 2010-12-12, stop by at the Metalab and meet fellow Pythonistas.


Martin Grimme hat gesagt…

Great stuff! Thanks for sharing your Python-QML knowledge and experiences!
This QML stuff is getting interesting. :)

Noli hat gesagt…

Nice tutorials.

Can you do PySide QML and Sqlite3 tutorials?

Probably you can use this Movie database sqlite3 example.