Dienstag, 25. Januar 2011

Maemo App Development - One Year Ago

I just realized that one year ago, I was giving a talk about Maemo Development at the Metalab here in Vienna. Back in January 2010, things were still very much different from today:

  • Scratchbox was the SDK - Linux only, VMs for everything else
  • No proper IDEs for Hildon development (there was Eclipse integration, but I never used it)
  • Qt still was "the new stuff that's coming up" for Maemo development
  • Mer was still something to look forward to
  • MeeGo didn't exist - Maemo 6 was the future ;)
  • MADDE was in Technology Preview state - not widely used
  • Direct UI (now MeeGo Touch) was thought to be the future toolkit
  • Qt 4.6 was just released in December - no QML in Qt yet

It turns out that we are in a much better position now, we've got a nice cross-platform IDE (Qt Creator), a proper SDK (Qt SDK) that works on Windows and OS X the same as on Linux and the "low-level" issues (optification, packaging, ...) are handled by Qt Creator mostly.

Today, the issues are different - I'm complaining about Qt Creator (from the Qt SDK 1.1 Preview) crashing a lot in QML design mode, I can deploy my apps to Symbian devices without much effort (didn't think I would ever do that) - even though there's no proper toolchain for Linux or OS X (Remote Compiler doesn't count). The Qt Quick Components are still not released, even though I'd love to create some great apps with them. And most people forget in the N9 rumor jungle that we have still got the best Linux-based mobile OS (with Linux userland) that exists in an actual product that you can buy right now (that's Maemo 5 on the N900 if you didn't get that hint..). Just like Duke Nukem Forever, a MeeGo handset will be announced and released eventually - give it some time.

Back to the "Qt Creator shouldn't crash when editing QML" developer story: We're not there yet, but comparing the current state with the state one year ago, that's some progress right there! Looking forward to those bits falling into place in the upcoming months.

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Anonym hat gesagt…

Maemo (and Nokia) status is a mess. It looks like Nokia doesn't know where to go, and CEO change is the sign to this situation.
N900 was a promising platform, thrown away for who-knows-when-meego (promising, but maybe too late?).
I'll stick with my N900 as much as I can, it's still the only both phone and mobile computer released up to now.
But shame on Nokia.