Freitag, 4. Februar 2011

gPodder/QML status (with screenshot and video)

Ohai February. The winter term is over; time for some gPodder QML hacking. This means that gPodder gets a new UI, and the structure of the application and the usual workflows also change a bit, based on the experiences with gPodder on Maemo 5. One of the most important changes will be that content will be played inside gPodder, as this provides even more control over playback and resuming than what the MAFW integration with the Maemo Media Player can provide.

Most of this has been done in the last two days. Thanks to Python, PySide and QML, I'm able to reuse the gPodder codebase (feed parsing, downloading, etc..) and just slap a lightweight QML UI on top of it.

Andrew Zhilin (aka wazd) has helped a lot with the design and the artwork, but see for yourself (this is a screenshot, not a mock-up):

And here is a video of the current performance on a N900:

Feedback, as always, welcome :)


Raghu hat gesagt…

wow!!! looks cool .. thanks a lot :) ... by the way, is there any performance issue with QML?

Ireland's Technology Blog hat gesagt…

You can get the download files at

but backup and be careful etc

redex hat gesagt…

Mh, looks very good. Shiny UI design.

But, in this development state, I wonder where are the playback controls while a podcast is playing?
How to pause a podcast or rewind 20 secound because you haven't understood anything because of the arriving subway...

What about integrating the panucci controls at the bottom line during playback?

thp hat gesagt…

Redex: Yes, the playback controls are missing, and they will be integrated. Likely in the way they are available on Panucci (so you can skip 10 seconds/1 minute during playback). The current plan is to integrate them on the episode details page.