Mittwoch, 27. Mai 2009

Multiplayer NumptyPhysics (on a MT table)

(Again, not really tablet-related, but multiplayer could be ported to tablets eventually. Feel free to skip :)

The multi-touch table version of Tim Edmonds' NumptyPhysics gained support for multi-player modes and multi-touch drawing, dragging and deleting in the last few weeks. You can watch the evaluation video here or below.

New features and play modes include:

  • Multi-player cooperative (single token and goal)
  • Multi-token single-goal versus game
  • Multi-token multi-goal versus game
  • Draw multiple strokes at the same time
  • Move drawn items with two-finger-drag
  • Delete drawn items with three-finger-tap

Lesson learned: You need to get the level design right.

Word count for "multi" in this post: 10.

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