Freitag, 5. Juni 2009

Removing the Wikipedia sidebar in MicroB

I was looking for that for quite some time, and now I have found it: Removing the sidebar of Wikipedia to make better use of the tablet screen. If you have been using Greasemonkey before, you probably know that already. If not, here's a mini-HOWTO:

Are there any other good userscripts that you are using on your tablets?


Jaffa hat gesagt…

You can do this in any browser using my wiikipedia-style back from the 770 days:

thp hat gesagt…

Jaffa: Thanks, should come in handy for Webkit-based browsers, which don't have Greasemonkey.

One advantage of that Greasemonkey script is that it works without requiring an account and being logged in at Wikipedia, which is my use case for that (quickly looking something up during a lecture).