Donnerstag, 25. November 2010

Please test: MaePad 1.9, MaePadWeb 2.1, Trophae 6

Version 1.9 of MaePad is out, with a new translation into Catalan, updated Finnish (thanks to Marko Vertainen) and German translations, a "No items" indicator in empty checklists and full auto-rotation support (detailed changelog).

The File Transfers application seemingly does some weird things to "Open file" dialogs in other apps (not only MaePad, but reportedly also Xournal), so MaePad now conflicts with it until the problem is fixed (this means you can't have both "File Transfers" and "MaePad" installed at the same time). Test and vote for MaePad 1.9 in Extras-Testing!

Also new is MaePadWeb 2.1, which adds a missing dependency on python-simplejson. The app worked fine for me since the initial release, so I'm also promoting it to Testing now. Test and vote for MaePadWeb 2.1 in Extras-Testing!

And as a third release this week, I noticed that Trophae, the PS3 Trophy Viewer app, didn't get its newest release (6) uploaded to Fremantle Extras-Devel for two months, so I've re-uploaded it, and also put it up for testing. And even though the code is lame, it's now published in a Git repository if you want to hack on it. Test and vote for Trophae 6 in Extras-Testing!

A new release of your favourite podcatcher is coming in the next few days. There is still time to submit updated translations :)


Luigi hat gesagt…

Hi, I've been working on the french translation. Downloaded the file from transiflex after registration. Did the translation part. How I'm supposed to upload it back ?

thp hat gesagt…

Luigi: You can join the French translation team on Transifex and submit your update directly through the Transifex website.

Luigi hat gesagt…

Ok, I did it. Just waiting for approval.

thp hat gesagt…

I've added you to the French translation team - go ahead and submit your translations :) Thanks for your help!

Luigi hat gesagt…

Thanks, I will upload my work this evening (I'm at work rigth now).

Thank you for your wonderful soft!

Luigi hat gesagt…

I uploaded a file containing all the french translation to transifex. I don't know what to do next.
I checked all the sentences so hopefully it should be better than what was already there.