Montag, 29. November 2010

gPodder 2.10 for Maemo 4 and Maemo 5 released

As promised last week, a new release of gPodder is out. The package for Maemo 5 is already in Extras-Testing, so test it and vote for it. The package for Maemo 4 has already been uploaded to the autobuilder and should be available shortly.

This new release brings yet another round of UI improvements, and it also incorporates the feedback that I got at the MeeGo Conference:

  • Expose "Pause subscription" in UI
  • Multi-delete in episode lists (Maemo bug 5182)
  • Setting for episode auto-delete on startup
  • Custom episode list model (faster loading)

You can find a detailed ChangeLog at

If you are not yet a user of gPodder, why not take the opportunity to try it out? You could subscribe to the MeeGo Conference 2010 Video Podcast (Yahoo Pipe) and (re-)watch the sessions on your device. Of course, audio and video podcasts are supported as well, as are YouTube user channels and Soundcloud users.

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Hi Thomas, I encountered some problems for concluding the translation of i suppose it's coming from your english lines which are starting with a \\n. Can you check on these 3 lines?