Donnerstag, 28. Oktober 2010

MaePadWeb - A Web UI for MaePad running on your N900

One of the annoyances with task lists on mobile devices is that there is no easy way to view or edit your task list on your computer as well (there are some web services that allow for these things, but you have to trust your data to these services, and not all these services have a full-featured Maemo client app, and they mostly need to synchronize data between different clients).

So, what about having a simple HTTP server that you can start on your N900 and access from your computer's web browser to view and edit your MaePad checklists? Here's a short video of how it works at the moment:

Here's a screenshot of how the checklist view looks right now:

The MaePadWeb application will be available soon. On a related note, MaePad 1.8 is out now with live search support for the memo list - check it out and test it/vote for it!

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Leho Kraav hat gesagt…

conboy + snowy/ubuntuone works quite well for synchronizing todos/notes across all sorts of platforms incl. maemo.