Montag, 11. Oktober 2010

gPodder 2.9 for Maemo 5 in Testing

A new release of gPodder is out. Test it and vote! It has got some fine-tuning of the UI for Maemo 5 users that you will discover one by one. I just want to highlight two UI changes that should enhance the user experience, and compare them to what the previous version had.

The episode list

gPodder 2.8 introduced MAFW integration, and with it came the ability to save position and duration information for each episode. This was displayed in the episode action dialog, but not in the episode list. We now display the position and duration in the episode list, which allows you to quickly scan for an episode depending on its duration (or check how far you have come for a given episode). In the "All Episodes" list, we also display the podcast name for each episode so that it is clearer from which podcast an episode is coming (the content of the episode "Mini Book Reviews" is much more predictable if you know that it comes from "Python411").

Updating feeds

Previous versions of gPodder changed the "Check for updates" button into a combined progress indicator and cancel button. It was not really obvious to first-time users that you can cancel the feed update, and if you accidentally tapped the button twice, the feed update would be cancelled and you might be confused. gPodder 2.9 introduces a fancy new progress bar that appears (and even slides in and out thanks to hildon.AnimationActor) during the update and has a more obvious red cancel button. With the gained screen space (the progress bar is much bigger), we can also show more information about the update process, like the name of the updated podcast.

A detailed changelog can be found at Of course, the Maemo 4 (N800, N810) package has also been updated, and is available from Diablo Extras right now.

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