Sonntag, 14. Dezember 2008

Remote-control Vagalume via a web server

I am using Vagalume to listen to on my N800 that is hooked up to the stereo. During that time, I'm sitting at my lappy doing random things. When a song I don't like comes up, I have to get up and hit the "skip" button. Not anymore! Enter ""...

This little Python script sets up a little HTTP server on port 8242 (that's "VAGA" if you type it on your mobile phone), receives song changes from Vagalume and can carry out basic operations like play, skip, ban, love, etc..

How to use? Copy it to your tablet, install python2.5 and python2.5-dbus and start it in background (with "python2.5 &"). Then, point your browser to http://yourtabletshostname:8242/ (a good time to set up Avahi correctly, so you can use "tabletname.local"). You can now see the currently-playing song and remote-control Vagalume via HTTP over your Wifi-Style connection!

Oh, and here's the link to download the script:

If people love this, I could enhance this a bit and put a GUI around it and create a Maemo package.


timsamoff hat gesagt…

Wow! :)

Heinrich hat gesagt…


Sounds nice; I added a short description here:

in the german ubuntuusers-wiki for Vagalume.
I hope I got everything right!

jukey hat gesagt…

Dam'n fantastic script! A lot of potential :)

mrp hat gesagt…

could you add a way to change similar artist to play?