Freitag, 5. Dezember 2008

Maemopad+ with search function

It has gotten quiet around Maemopad+ lately, but there are some nice features in SVN that should be released with the next release, most notably: a search entry in the toolbar that will highlight matching memos.

This will come in handy for users that use the checklist feature for all kinds of lists (Someday/Maybe, Ideas, TODOs, shopping lists, etc.). Obviously the search feature won't work on the contents of sketch notes, but text memos and checklists work fine.

What are you missing in Maemopad+ that would make you much more productive with it?


jmarkevich hat gesagt…

1) Tree view lines or "twisty" triangles so you can see what are parent items

2) When tasks are in nested nodes, have parent tasks show all child tasks too (or at least a number).

Saul hat gesagt…

A desktop-side companion application - or at least an export function so that one could be written by someone else is my most wanted feature.

thp hat gesagt…

@jmarkevich: I've now enabled tree view lines and am testing if these work correctly. If they do, this will be included in the next release - thanks!

@Saul: You can copy the "memos.db" file in your documents folder to your computer and open it with the sqlitebrowser application.

Ed hat gesagt…

Checklists are OPML and can be imported/exported.