Samstag, 18. Februar 2012

gPodder 2.20.1 for Fremantle (N900) and Diablo (N8x0)

Good news for all gPodder users on the N800, N810 and N900 - you just got another gPodder update. Version 2.20.1 is just a bugfix release, but fixes some problems with YouTube feeds and other issues (see the release announcement for details). Jonas Kölker has also backported a patch from gPodder 3 to add support for YouTube playlists, so you can subscribe to these too, now.

Just in case you easily get confused by Debian version numbers: The old release is "2.20-1" (version 2.20, package version 1) and the new one is "2.20.1-1" (version 2.20.1, package version 1). Note that dots and dashes are not the same thing.

The gPodder update is already available in Diablo Extras and has been promoted to Fremantle Extras-Testing, so please test it and rate it on the QA page.

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