Samstag, 21. Januar 2012

gPodder/QML on the N900 - Yesteryear and today

I just found this pre-feb11 gPodder/QML on a N900 on 2011-02-04 video and someone on TMO recently asked me about the status of gPodder for the N900, so I thought I'd try the current version of gPodder on the N900.

The result is a new video of gPodder/QML on a N900 today, which shows what works and what does not.

If you want to try it yourself, get the latest CSSU for your N900 and enable Extras-Devel (the usual disclaimers apparently still apply). Now, make sure to install all of PySide and Qt Mobility 1.2, and the packages qt-components and qt-components-blanco-theme. The theme package is broken right now, so you need to copy /usr/share/themes/blanco/meegotouch from a Harmattan device or the Harmattan SDK onto your N900 manually. When you have done that, simply checkout gPodder (master branch) from its Git repository.

What doesn't work yet:

  • Text input fields are missing their backgrounds
  • Screen rotation doesn't work (Qt Components bug?)
  • Task switching is only possible with Ctrl+Backspace

Apart from these annoyances (and the problem with the missing blanco theme files), everything else works as one would expect. If these problems get fixed (so that all dependencies are readily available from Extras-Devel), I might be able to make some time to package gPodder 3 for the N900.

Harmattan (N9/N950) users: Have a look at the video to see how the play queue and episode list filters work, which will land in a new gPodder release "soon".


Norayr hat gesagt…

Me and a couple of my friends use gpodder on N810/diablo.
So, please, keep us updated.
I do not like n900 as much as I like n810 (bigger screen, design), and I definitely don't like iphone liku n9.

So, I prefer to use N810, it is a still great device.
So please, keep the Diablo port, it has users.

thp hat gesagt…

Norayr: It's great that you still use gPodder on Maemo 4. The latest release for Maemo 4 was 2.20 in October 2011 - that's a bit more than 2 years after I've stopped using the N810 as main device.

Just because I don't add new features to 2.20 doesn't mean you won't be able to use it. If there is a bug or something else, I can probably make time to do a bugfix release for the 2.x series for Maemo 4 too.

Contrary to popular belief, even my free time is limited, and I don't scratch my own itch anymore when developing for Maemo 4. The same is true for Maemo 5 as well (but it has the advantage of nearly being able to run the QML version without problems).

Feel free to show your interest in the Maemo 4 version by means of patches to 2.20, bug reports and/or check out if you can't contribute code.

int_ua hat gesagt…

ImportError: No module named json

thp hat gesagt…

apt-get install python-simplejson