Montag, 1. August 2011

Panucci 0.99.3 for Fremantle is here

Jens has been working on the QML UI of Panucci (a resuming podcast and audiobook player for Maemo and MeeGo) to get it working on the N950 and he has recently fixed the Bluetooth headset support on the N950. While he does not have a N900 to test and build Panucci releases, I'm more than happy to jump in every once in a while and update the N900 build of Panucci for all Fremantle users. Today is such a "once in a while" day: Panucci 0.99.3 has been uploaded to the Extras repository and should be available in Extras-Testing soon. The default UI in this release is still the Gtk/Hildon UI, but you can opt to use the QWidget-based UI (panucci --qt) or the QML-based UI (panucci --qml) via command line switches:

We have not yet implemented a task switcher button in the Panucci QML UI, but that might come in the future, and then we might even change to using QML by default with Gtk/Hildon as an option. Jens has even written support for themeing the QML UI with colored themes:

The file selector and file details have also been (re-)written in pure QML for cross-platform compatibility:

Enjoy this new Panucci release, and thanks to Jens for keeping the application fresh and feature-rich. The Panucci bug tracker has now moved to, so if you find any problems with this release, please report it at in the Panucci product.

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Jens hat gesagt…

Looks pretty good so far. Once we get the basics done, we're almost there, we can work more on making it prettier.