Dienstag, 1. März 2011

The Return Of Panucci (0.99.0 for Fremantle)

Since gPodder gained support for MAFW, and therefore resuming support for the built-in Maemo 5 Media Player, there was less of a reason for me to continue working on Panucci (though some users still prefer Panucci over the built-in Media player). Recently, Jens and Helmuth collaborated on bringing Bluetooth support back into the 0.9 branch in the Panucci thread on t.m.o.

Jens has also fixed some other issues and is now continuing development of Panucci, which is great :) I'll continue to package Panucci releases for Maemo 5, and review the commits and provide feedback, but won't be working on any features myself. Here's a teaser screenshot:

The new version, Panucci 0.99.0, has already been uploaded to Extras-Devel, and will be promoted to Extras-Testing soon. If you want to contribute, check out Panucci on GitHub - patches are gladly accepted!


Jens hat gesagt…

For the record it was Helmuth and Thomas that fixed the headset support. :D And yes patches are very much welcome.

Stephen hat gesagt…

It should be noted that the built-in media player doesn't play quite a lot of podcasts (ones that have a low-fps "video" track for cover art), whereas Panucci does, so there's still definitely a use case for it.


argus hat gesagt…

I have to stress the importance of Panucci's audiobook playing capabilities with remembering position and bookmarks that isn't found in the Media player application.
There seems to be a bigger need for a better Panucci than you might realise