Sonntag, 23. Mai 2010

gPodder 2.6 for Maemo 5: A visual tour

gPodder 2.6 (an app for Maemo that can subscribe to and download podcasts, YouTube videos and tracks from Soundcloud) has been released today. The package is in Extras-Testing, so please test it and vote for it! A package for Diablo (Maemo 4, N8x0) is also available already, and includes some Diablo-specific fixes (the "New episodes available" selection was broken, but works correctly now).

I've prepared some screenshots to compare the UI of gPodder 2.5 for Fremantle with the UI of gPodder 2.6. Here are a few examples:

The episode actions dialog now has a dedicated "Delete" button for downloaded episodes

The settings dialog has proper "Save" semantics now (close the dialog to discard changes, click on "Save" to apply changes) - this has been suggested during UX-Week 1

The progress bar for the episode list has rounded corners (useless, but looks better)

Another feature that isn't visible at first: If you get "New episodes available", and you can't decide from the title of an episode if it's worth downloading, just long-tap the episode and choose "Shownotes" from the context menu to display the complete shownotes in a window.

This release includes improved support (easier configuration, restoring of subscriptions now works on first run), and will feature more fine-grained episode playback status synchronization with the (yet-to-be-released) new version of Panucci.

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Anonym hat gesagt…

Looks great. Liking the the delete button and looking forward to the tighter integration with Panucci.

Thanks for your great work on gPodder. Especially the Maemo version. gPodder and Panucci are my most-used apps on the N900. Together with MicroB, bat before the phone/contacts/conversations apps. :D

Regards, Alex