Montag, 29. März 2010

App updates: gPodder 2.4 and MaePad 1.5

This week, it's once again time to update two of the more prominent apps in my collection: gPodder 2.4 "The Pants Alternative" for both Diablo and Fremantle and MaePad 1.5 "Productive" for Fremantle.

With the installation of PR1.2 on the autobuilder, MaePad can once again be built on it, so I've resumed uploading of MaePad releases to

So, what's in it for you? Let's start with gPodder:

  • Progress bar for loading episodes (and optimized episode list loading)
  • "All episodes" view is not grouped per-podcast anymore (all episodes are now sorted descending by date)
  • Faster download resuming on application start (with progress dialog)
  • Automatic clean-up of finished downloads
  • Simplified layout of progress indicator dialogs (e.g. deleting episodes, unsubscribing from podcasts)

And now for your favourite productivity tool, the MaePad:

  • "w" in the checklist/sketch view now saves the database
  • Fullscreen mode of checklists uses portrait mode (for shopping use, etc..)
  • Node type displayed in overview (there's a themeing issue here with the highlights and the secondary text color.. suggestions welcome)

Now it's your turn: Please test the new packages and then vote for the packages here: MaePad QA page and gPodder QA page. Any bugs that you will find should be reported here: new bug against gPodder and MæPad t.m.o thread.

The PR1.2 SDK on the autobuilder adds a dependency on a newer Hildon version that cannot be fulfilled in earlier firmware versions, so I'll build a package compatible with pre-PR1.2 firmware soon and publish the package on the MaePad homepage for manual installation during this transition period until PR1.2 becomes available for end users.

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JeLoT hat gesagt…

Hi, I tried to write a translation to MaePad to Italian language. however, I am stupid enough not to understand how to upload that to the translation website.
The translation is temporarily (1 month) available at:

Hope this helps