Dienstag, 16. Februar 2010

MeeGo wishlist

Because all the cool kids blog about it these days..

If any of these specifications/standards do not meet the requirements, please work with freedesktop.org or other related institutions to get your extensions discussed, fixed and then integrated into the relevant specifications.

People will still develop mobile UIs specifically for whatever device will come along in the future, but porting from/to "mainstream" Desktop Linux should be as easy as possible.

There's a lot of awesome open source Linux/UNIX (GUI) software out there, it just needs some UI love to be usable on mobile devices. Don't make it harder than it should be.

(And with that I mean that it's easier to relayout a GTK+, FLTK, wxWidgets, Swing or Tk UI than to port everything to "the one true toolkit".)

This is especially true since open source developers usually develop in their free time, and porting an app to a new toolkit/environment is something that can't be done in two afternoons. Relayouting UIs can be done in that time.

Adding paradigm-shifting cool new UIs will still work without breaking backwards-compatibility and without restricting developers to one language/toolkit.

Oh, and Mer solves most of these issues by basing itself on a "standard" Desktop distro and only changing stuff that's really necessary.


Anonym hat gesagt…

Nokia's biggest mistake was creating Hildon, as opposed to changing gtk "under the hood" for Maemo. QT did it right with a hildon look and feel compile time switch. No need for application developers to rewrite their ui with each OS change.

Stéphane hat gesagt…

Excellent blog post.
MeeGo needs to be open to all developers from the desktop Linux eco-system, and not only go to a Qt-monoculture. Thus, it will gain even more applications, and will be a more attractive platform for all Linux desktop developers.

timsamoff hat gesagt…

GREAT post!