Sonntag, 31. Januar 2010

Panucci 0.3.9: Silent mode and landscape mode by default

Now that the winter term has finally ended, and February is in sight, it's time to do some overdue fixes, releases and other random stuff. After headphoned 1.5 has found its way into Maemo Extras (thanks to the testers), it's Panucci's turn. Here is a list of user-visible changes in Panucci 0.3.9:

  • Playback in "Silent" profile (thanks to Martin Grimme et al in bug 6694)
  • Default is forced-landscape mode, the menu has automatic rotation and forced-portrait mode
  • Volume controls removed (Maemo 5 already handles volume control for us)

If you are a Panucci user, please take the time to review and rate it: package page for Panucci

You can expect at least two apps/releases in the next few days: MaePad (Maemopad+ re-born for Maemo 5) and of course a new version of gPodder with sync and the re-designed UI.

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bigbrovar hat gesagt…

You my friend are a classic example of a foss developer who gets it right. Thanks for all the great job you have been doing. I will surely do some testing and get back to you. cheers