Mittwoch, 21. Oktober 2009

Panucci - Portrait mode Media Player for the N900

You probably know Panucci from your N8x0 where it allows you to playback, resume and bookmark audiobooks and podcasts. Some users seem to use it as a normal audio media player, too, although the primary design goal is to support resuming for long audio tracks.

Just today I asked on maemo-developers how to get GStreamer's playbin to work on Maemo 5 when several people (thanks, guys!) pointed out that playbin2 should be used.

After that, a new package was only some UI fixing and merging of the rotation code from gPodder away. While you are eagerly waiting for the autobuilder to put Panucci into Extras-Devel, here's a short video of it in action:

Please test Panucci when it finally appears in Extras-Testing and give some feedback! And thank you to all of you who were kind enough to take the time to review the new gPodder version - it has made its way into Extras today! :) Guess the next version should allow Panucci to be selected as audio player in the preferences dialog, then.. ;)

Important: Due to the way optification works, upgrading from older versions of might break the package (application does not load). To fix this, simply uninstall and re-install the package. Both Panucci and gPodder are affected by this if you have installed an older version.


Martin Grimme hat gesagt…

Nice video. Thanks for sharing. :)

However, what I don't understand is why you use "optification" when you're not doing a port of desktop linux software and have the software written in Python? Why not just install the stuff into /opt/panucci without all this ugly symlinking?
Just because "maemo-optify" is being propagated as the solution to the rootfs space issue, doesn't mean that it is the only or best-for-everything solution. :)
It's a workaround for software that cannot be easily relocated IMHO.

Tim Samoff hat gesagt…

Thomas: Flippin' sweet. Wow. :)

Martin: Please debate optification on the mailing list! :p

Marius Gedminas hat gesagt…

How does the orientation switching work? It's very visible in the video that the OS shows the application still sized for the old orientation briefly before the widgets get repositioned for the new layout. I've seem other apps that somehow avoid this. Do you have any ideas? hat gesagt…

In N900 you can have the chance of selecting the portrait mode. It will allow you to have some low quality videos also.

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