Donnerstag, 16. April 2009

Repurpose your tablet's car mount

If you do not use your car that often, and have built/bought a car mount for your tablet, why not repurpose it and stick it up to your desk near the main monitor? Having Mauku running in it which lights up the display whenever someone posts updates surely is nice. Some other use cases are monitoring servers with an open X-Terminal or listening to some music/podcasts with the media player of choice.

I built mine by buying a gooseneck mount and screwing the included car mount onto it. This still allows me to use the mount in the car, too.


timsamoff hat gesagt…

This is a cool idea.

I never took a picture of something that I figured out when I got my N810. It's pretty funny (and way too geeky to really ever do).

I have a leather case for my N810 that came with a belt clip that screws into the back of the case. It turns out that the belt clip screw fits perfectly with the car mount screw slot... So, one could mount the car mount to their belt and walk around with the N810 hovering out in front of them.

It would have been a good picture. :)

endorphinum hat gesagt…

.... or one of the mojos from :)

Nick B. hat gesagt…

Could you point me towards a source of these car mounts (UK or EU)? Thanks!

thp hat gesagt…

Nick B.: I bought the windshield mount at the local car accessories store and took the small connection plastic (included with the N810) thing with me to check what fits. I had to do some cutting and drilling holes into the mount I bought to screw the (included) car holder onto the windshield mount.

Due to the weight of the N810 the swan neck windshield mount is a bit sub-optimal when driving on bumpy roads, due to vibrations. You can always attach the windshield mount at a lower position so that the bottom of the N810 lies on the top of your car's dashboard.

The shop where I bought it (Austrian, and I do not believe they have international mailorder) is at

Anonym hat gesagt…

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