Montag, 9. März 2009

gPodder 0.15.0 now in Maemo Extras

The latest release of gPodder, a podcast downloader for Maemo has been released today, and packages for it are already available in Maemo Extras for Chinook, Diablo and Fremantle Alpha (..but there is no Extras-Promoter for Fremantle yet?).

Highlights of this release:

  • Download resuming between sessions
  • Finger-friendly lists using libmokoui2
  • Friendly folder and file names for downloaded files
  • Finger gestures for the episode list

The finger gestures are very nice and can be used to show episode details or play back episodes. Enable the configuration option maemo_enable_gestures and then swipe left to display shownotes or swipe right over an episode to listen to it.

Get it from Maemo Extras.


Niels Breet hat gesagt…


Any reason why I only see i386 versions of your packages?

- Niels

thp hat gesagt…

Niels: gPodder builds architecture "all" packages, because it does not contain machine-specific code, only Python code.

Where exactly do you see i386 versions of the package?

In my opinion, there is only the "all" architecture in the repository, and it works on both i386 and armel:

richard Mao hat gesagt…

Installed 0.15.0 at N810 , unable to launch it . Back to 0.14.1 , worked again . Do you know what's the reason ?

I am using gPodder downloading lotsof podcast on daily basis . Great Job !!

thp hat gesagt…

richard Mao: What do you get when running this command in the X Terminal:

gpodder --maemo --verbose

Also, be sure to install the version 0.15.0-2, the previous 0.15.0 release I published earlier did miss a dependency on python-mokoui2, which is now included in the 0.15.0-2 package.

richard Mao hat gesagt…

I installed 0.15.0-2 successfully . only thing is package is lack of python-mokoui , which I installed it with apt-get . The finger gestures is really nice . The scrolling is much improved and responsive . One tiny thing is the podcast name original is " CBS ...." , now it is " youtube : CBS " after updated . I have edit it by myself to the original one .

Great job and I can enjoyed tons of video/audio podcast

Quim Gil hat gesagt…

I tried to install your Fremantle package in extras-devel but all the python dependencies are missing. So good that there is no promoting interface yet because I would have voted for a ban. ;)

A problem (discussed yesterday with X-Fade in #maemo) is that a Python package like yours can make it to extras-devel without actually satisfying its dependencies...

thp hat gesagt…

Quim: Just discussed this a bit more with X-Fade on IRC. The problem lies with the autobuilder moving packages to extras-devel that build correctly, but do not have all their runtime dependencies available. According to him, this will be fixed by some kind of holddown/quarantine for such packages, so they wait for all runtime dependencies to become available.