Dienstag, 11. November 2008

"N900" wishlist: Hardware scrollwheel

One of the things I've been thinking about recently is how I would like to have a scroll wheel (like all normal computer mice have) on the right side of my N800, just below the "Nokia N800" text. This way, I could easily scroll web pages and long texts without needing to use my finger on the touchpad. Using the finger on the touchpad has several disadvantages:
  1. You hide parts of the content you are reading with your finger
  2. You might accidentally click a link (in the browser)
  3. Scrolling through long texts means you have to sweep with your finger from the bottom of your screen to the top, several times
Apart from scrolling, this could act as a nice volume control in media players. Maybe even make the scroll wheel pressable, so we have another button (mute in media players?).

If you have an N800, please try this the next time you want to scroll a webpage: Move your finger over the top right side of your N800, between the "Nokia N800" text and the speaker holes. I don' t know if the scroll wheel would fit onto a smaller device like the N810 (or the "N900").

I think a touchscreen is nice, but having hardware buttons makes the device just easier to use in my opinion. I would even try to make touchscreen clicks by pressing the display, like it is done with the new Apple MacBook touchpads (see apple.com for videos). But there may be patent problems with that, so maybe this is the reason why we won't see that on the "N900". But think about it! Wouldn't it be nice?

That said, please also improve the D-Pad and hardware keyboard on the new hardware :)


Thomas hat gesagt…

Well, maybe you do now know it yet, but you can rather easy scroll through webpages, using the D-PAD - just press and hold it in the down- or up-direction.
(This works pretty well on the N800 - on the N810, it is very annoying that the D-PAD is hidden, if the keyboard is closed.)

I agree that a special scrollwheel might be more conveniert, but maybe not really necessary.

There is also a setting for the browser to disable the jumping through links with single clicks on the D-PAD, so it will always scroll, but i do currently not remember how it was possible to enable this (some option under about:config in the browser.)


thp hat gesagt…

Oh thanks. I did not know holding the D-Pad scolls the window. As you said, I thought it was only able to jump through links. Still, the scrollwheel would allow for faster and slower scrolling. Maybe they can come up with a nice algorithm to accelerate the scrolling speed then the D-Pad is pressed longer.

Thanks for your hint :)

Walther hat gesagt…

Excellent idea. I'd like some more hardware buttons/controls on my N810.

Did you know that in most media players you can use +/- for volume?