Mittwoch, 23. Dezember 2009

gPodder "after 2.1" Maemo 5 UI Changes (#maebar)

Quick note about the stable version: Thanks to the hard-working testers, gPodder 2.1 has received its necessary karma points in Extras-Testing before the quarantime time is up, so we are just waiting for some more days to pass before gPodder 2.1 will finally enter the Extras repository.

In the mean time, there have been some important developments in the Git repository, mostly based on ideas from the Barcelona Long Weekend - thanks to all the people who provided valuable input, especially Tuomas (tigert) for all the hard work. I have created a new set on Flickr with some screenshots of the current development version:

The new UI is not set in stone, and still has some rough edges, so I'd like to receive some feedback on what can be improved.

If you want to test the development version interactively, use Git to checkout git:// on your device, and then run bin/gpodder --fremantle --verbose inside the checkout to start the development version in debugging mode. Make sure to have the current version of gPodder installed to drag in the required dependencies (alternatively, install the dependencies by hand). As with all development versions, if it breaks (or messes with your downloads/subscriptions), you got to keep the pieces.

Thanks in advance for the feedback :)

2 Kommentare:

timsamoff hat gesagt…

Cool. One suggestion: Make the numerical indicators the two-digit size by default (even for single-digit read-out) so that they're always the same size. Yes, people may get into three-digit archives, but it will probably be very rare. Still, having everything on the right side of the screen be the same size would look much better.

Unknown hat gesagt…

Looks like a nice move to more streamlined support for the main use cases: update, listen, and occasionally add a feed. Well, maybe the last one should not be taking such a large amount of the screen? Also, this looks like portrait - is there a specific reason for it? Was there an option to sort so that shows with unlistened episodes are shown first?

One additional request not related to this screen: big buttons on the per-show episode list to play the shows without opening them would be excellent.

Thanks for a great program.