Mittwoch, 14. Oktober 2009

New gPodder version with automatic downloading

Thanks for all your comments on talk.m.o, Flickr and bugs.m.o and directly at the Summit. The result is a shiny new release with improved UX and automatic feed updating/downloading.

The new version is currently in Extras-Devel (promoted to -Testing, waiting for someone to confirm the promotion). Please take the time to review the new release and rate/comment it on gPodder's page.

One thing that did not make it into this release: Direct play/download/delete buttons in the episode shownotes window. I'm thinking of just popping up a list of actions when a episode is clicked and make "display shownotes" one of these actions. What do you think?

Please report bugs, discuss and rate the package. See the complete set of screenshots on Flickr.

4 Kommentare:

Marius Gedminas hat gesagt…

Where do 'example podcasts' come from? Can we get TED talks on that list?

thp hat gesagt…

Example podcasts comes from

Tell me the RSS feed URL of TED talks, and I'll add it to the list :)

Marius Gedminas hat gesagt…

If I knew, I'd have entered it in gPodder instead of trying to find it through its menus (unsuccessfully, I should say). ;-)

D'oh! Turns out the front page doesn't have a <link rel="alternate" ...>. If I enter '' instead, gPodder finds the feed quite nicely.

The feed itself is at

thp hat gesagt…

Thanks, Marius - I have added that feed now. It already appears in the list of example podcasts.