Dienstag, 3. März 2009

Screenshots of gPodder in Fremantle Alpha SDK

As we all know, the Fremantle Alpha SDK has been released, and it features (at least parts of) the new UI. I downloaded the SDK and tried running gPodder inside it, and wanted to show you some pictures so you get an idea how an unmodified Maemo 4 UI looks on Fremantle:

Some other remarks: It seems that images have inverted color. I don't know if this is just a bug or if it's intended to be. Also, Xephyr sometimes crashes, which seems to be related to Clutter, although I do not really know ;) I expecially like how they managed to move the buttons of GTK Dialogs to the right side and stack them. This is a very good decision for the widescreen display, and it also means that one dialog in gPodder fits the screen nicely in Fremantle now that did not (and still does not - my fault ;) on Maemo 4.

See all screenshots at gPodder on Fremantle Alpha SDK on Flickr

3 Kommentare:

Unknown hat gesagt…

To be honest, I'm not a fan of white on black. One needs bigger or bolder font to get the same readability.
I hope they change the default theme to a dark on light again.

Manrique Lopez hat gesagt…

Is it already using PyMaemo? How have you get PyMaemo for Fremantle?

thp hat gesagt…

Manrique: Yep, it's using PyMaemo. gPodder depends on PyMaemo, and I hope PyMaemo will get into Fremantle's repository soon, so we can all use it for our apps :) In the mean time, I took the source packages from Diablo and used them on Fremantle.